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Sending email with ASP

In this article we demonstrate how to generate and send emails with ASP using CDOSYS - Microsoft's improved interface for SMTP email. You will learn how to send text and html emails, emails with attachments, use a remote server, load recipients from a database, set the priority / importance of an email and request a read/return receipt. More...

ASP Request Object

The Request object retrieves the values that the client browser passed to the server during an HTTP request. It is used to get information from the user. Using this object, you can dynamically create web pages and perform various server-side actions based on input from the user. In this tutorial the syntax, collections, properties and methods of the ASP Request object are described. More...

ASP TextStream Object

The TextStream object provides sequential access to the contents of text files. This allows you to read, write, or append characters or lines to a text file. In this tutorial the properties and methods of the TextStream object are described. More...


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