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ASP: How to process the data submitted from HTML form

The great advantage of ASP is possibility to respond to user queries or data submitted from HTML forms. You can process information gathered by an HTML form and use ASP code to make decisions based off this information to create dynamic web pages. This tutorial demonstrates how to create an HTML form and process the data. More...

ASP Response Object

The Response object is used to send output to the client from the web server. In this tutorial the syntax, collections, properties and methods of the ASP Response object are described. More...

ASP: Variables

Declaring variables in ASP is simple. You don't have to declare if your variable is an integer, string, or object. You just declare it, and it has the potential to be anything. To declare a variable in ASP/VBScript we use the Dim statement. If you wanted to print out the variables, you could use the ASP Response.Write command. Learn more about the rules for declaring and naming variables in ASP/VBScript and use of Option Explicit statement in our article Variables in ASP. More...

Your First ASP Page

This tutorial explains the basics of ASP. It demonstrates how to declare the variables, to do a comment, to output the results and display in a web page time and date on the web server. More...

ASP TextStream Object

The TextStream object provides sequential access to the contents of text files. This allows you to read, write, or append characters or lines to a text file. In this tutorial the properties and methods of the TextStream object are described. More...

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