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ASP Session Object

The Session object stores information needed for a particular user's session on the web server. It is automatically created every time when an ASP page from the web site or web application is requested by a user who does not already have a session, and it remains available until the session expires. In this tutorial the syntax, collections, properties, methods and events of the ASP Session object are described. More...

ASP Application Object

The Application object is used to control and manage all items that are available to all users of an Active Server application. The Application items can be variables needed for all users in the application, or they can be instantiated objects that provide special server-side functionality. In this tutorial the syntax, collections, methods and events of the ASP Application object are described. More...

Record locking in Web applications

In this article we describe how to implement record locking in web applications. Because of the stateless nature of HTTP, you cannot really know whether the user left the page or is still looking at your site. We used the lock confirmation technique combined with lock expiration to solve this problem. More...



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