What can JavaScript do?

Here are a few things you can do with JavaScript:

  • Display information based on the time of the day
    JavaScript can check the computer’s clock and pull the appropriate data based on the clock information.
  • Detect the visitor’s browser
    JavaScript can be used to detect the visitor’s browser, and load another page specifically designed for that browser.
  • Control Browsers
    JavaScript can open pages in customized windows, where you specify if the browser’s buttons, menu line, status line or whatever should be present.
  • Validate forms data
    JavaScript can be used to validate form data at the client-side saving both the precious server resources and time.
  • Create Cookies
    JavaScript can store information on the visitor’s computer and retrieve it automatically next time the user visits your page.
  • Add interactivity to your website
    JavaScript can be set to execute when something happens, like when a page has finished loading or when a user clicks on a button.
  • Change page contents dynamically
    JavaScript can randomly display content without the involvement of server programs. It can read and change the content of an HTML elements or move them around pages.

This is only a small part of possibilities that JavaScript provides you with. Read WebCheatSheet articles devoted to Javascript to learn how to make exciting, dynamic, easy to update webpages using JavaScript.



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