Access: Exp Function

In Access, the Exp function returns a double specifying e raised to the nth power. The constant e is approximately 2.718282.

The syntax for the Exp function is:

Exp ( number )

The argument number can be any valid numeric expression. If the value of number exceeds 709.782712893, an error occurs.

Exp(3.1)      returns 22.197951281 
Exp(-2)       returns 0.1353352832
Exp(2)        returns 7,3890560989

VBA Code

Dim MyNumber 
MyNumber = Exp(21)

This example uses the Exp function to return e raised to a power. Now the MyNumber variable would contain the value 13.18815734.

SQL query

You can also use the Exp function in a query.

SELECT Exp([OwnerId]) AS Expr1 
FROM Orders


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