ASP ASPError Object

The ASPError object is a new in ASP 3.0, and is available in IIS5 and later. It provides a range of detailed information about the last error that occurred in script in an ASP page. The ASPError object is only available through the GetLastError method of the Server object. The syntax and properties of the ASPError object are as follows:



Properties Description
ASPCode The ASPCode property returns an error code generated by IIS.
Number The Number property returns the standard COM error code.
Line The Line property indicates the number of the line within the .asp file that generated the error.
Category The Category property indicates the source of the error. E.g. ASP itself, the scripting language, or an object.
Column The Column property indicates the column position within the .asp file that generated the error.
File The File property returns the name of the .asp file that was being processed when the error occurred.
Source The Source property returns the actual source code, if available, of the line where the error occurred.
Desciption The Description property returns a short description of the error.
ASPDescription The ASPDescription property returns a detailed description of the error if it is ASP-related.


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