ADO and ADO.NET Connection Strings

This tutorial was created as an easy reference of various ADO and ADO.NET connection strings for the most popular database types.

Connection strings are string variables which contain database connection information and then passed to ADO(ActiveX Data Objects) which will interpret them and act accordingly. Since there are going to be passed to ADO, they need to be in a comprehensible for ADO format.

Connection string contains several arguments set to specific values and separated by semicolon. If you are connecting to a SQL database, you need the DRIVER, the SERVER, the DATABASE, the UID, the PWD, and other optional information. If you’re connecting to an Access database, you need the DRIVER, and the DBQ, and some other optional information.

This tutorial is not a complete reference for every existing database, but we just try to give you a handy database connection strings reference.

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