What can ASP do for you?

Active Server Pages offers a plenty of possibilities:

  • The advantage of using ASP is its speed and ease of use.
  • ASP is appropriate whenever you want your pages to be created dynamically when the browser requests the page. For example, you can display date, time, and other information in different ways. ASP will make your website more dynamic in content and a heck of a lot easier to update.
  • ASP makes it easy to customize a Web page to make it more useful for individual users.
  • ASP code can not be viewed from any browser. ASP scripts will be executed before the page loads in the user’s browser. As far as the user is concerned, ASP files look like a straightforward HTML page and if they ‘view source’ that is all they will see.
  • With ASP you can track the number of page hits or the number of visitors and guests of your Web site.
  • You can make a survey form and ask people who visit your site to fill it out, send emails, save the information to a file, respond to user requests and etc.
  • ASP allows to access data or databases and return the results on your web site.
  • With ASP it is easy to create password-protected websites and encrypt information in your database.

This is only a small part of possibilities that ASP provides you with. Read WebCheatSheet articles devoted to ASP to learn how to make exciting, dynamic, easy to update webpages using ASP.



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