Bike – drop in phpMyAdmin replacement

Pretty often you need to run a couple of queries against your MySQL database on the client’s web server. Usually phpMyAdmin does the job well but there are situations when you just need to upload something to the server and open in the borwser, without any configuration steps.

Welcome Bike, lightweight phpMyAdmin replacement. If you already have a CMS installed on the web server (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), simply upload Bike to CMS’s subfolder and open it in the browser.

What are adavntages of Bike?

  • Bike is good looking
  • Bike will finds out where it were uploaded and reads connection settings from WordPress, Drupal or Joomla config file automatically. You can modify connection parameters manually as well.
  • Bike stores last 40 queries in LocalStorage. Reopen it tomorrow and your queries history is still there.
  • You can save named queries in permanent storage. You will need to create a folder with write permissions on the server in order to do that. No new tables are required in the database.
  • Have a list of frequently used queries – add your queries to the library for one-click access
  • We love AJAX – no POSTs, no page reloads.
  • Tabbed interface, work on multiple queries at once

I don’t have a CMS

If you don’t have any CMS installed create a file named config.db.php in Bike’s folder put the following code there

<?php  br()    ->config()      ->set( 'db'           , array( 'engine'   => 'mysql'                  , 'hostname' => 'localhost'                  , 'name'     => '[dbname]'                  , 'username' => '[dbuser]'                  , 'password' => '[dbpassword]'                  ));  ?>


Bike at Github

Live demo


Bike requires PHP 5.3+. There is also a packed version available, with just three files to upload.



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